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Inspection Training Associates

ITAInspection Training Associates, the leader in the home inspection training industry, successfully teaches people to become home inspectors and set up their own home inspection businesses. ITA offers a number of ways to participate in their training courses including by correspondence through a series of modules, at any of their traveling seminars, or at their facilities in Oceanside, California and Tampa, Florida.

ITA's Home Inspector Training Course has been approved for Insurance Underwriting by Marion A. Allen, Inc. of Georgia and NARREP, Inc.

Inspection Training Associates offers training courses in two formats tailored to fit the desires and schedule of the student. For those able to commit to a two week, intensive course taught by highly experienced home inspectors, ITA offers a classroom course. For those who are unable to attend or prefer to study at their own pace at home, a correspondence course is also available. And, a commercial course is now being offered for those seeking to upgrade their expertise. ITA is the source for inspection training.

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